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Subject Property of this featured testimonial (3 Bed + 3 Bath Condo)

"I lived in Vancouver before and am now based in HK. I wanted to buy a condo to gain some rental returns and allow me to have the option of staying in the future. Richard is a good listener and asked many good questions when discussing. Our conversations helped me understand the current market situation and the pros and cons of different districts and locations. After talking to him, I have a better understanding of what I should look for and what I have to be aware of purchasing a condo. Then he came up with many nice condos that suited my mind. I specifically asked for something with a nice view, and he found them; not only he told me the advantages of the condos he proposed, but he also gave me information and honest opinions about the districts, surroundings, communities, and essential points that a homeowner would need to know owning that place in the long run. Since I was unable to travel to see them myself, Richard spent time making my video recordings of the inside and the outside of the condos. I felt like I was there to view them myself and thoroughly understood those places. I was looking for the condo when the market suspected a rise in interest rate; he reminded me to consider how that could affect me long-term before I purchase. He has negotiated a fantastic and reasonable deal for a condo I like and minimize my risks. Richard has also recommended, at my request, good professionals to assist me in rental, tax and legal advice and insurance. That made a lot of a difference and gave me a very smooth transaction in my purchase. My condo was also rented out soon after closing by a professional rental company Richard suggested to me. I highly recommend Richard to anyone looking for properties in Vancouver and care for attention to detail which Richard is good at providing, and he stands out from the crowd."

Rita K - October 20, 2022
"We needed some advice on selling our family home and downsize to a smaller property for our retirement. Richard gave us very good advice and was very sensitive to our specific needs. There is no one else we would have trusted with this and would recommend Richard to anyone."

Ken and Pet C - October 22, 2022

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